Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Coming Soon.....


This site is currently under construction but should be completed in the near future.  It is intended to serve as a resource for those considering the NUPOC Program.  It will be maintained primarily by myself with the support of several colleagues.  I highlight this to point out that clearly we have all chosen this career path and are motivated to bring applicants into the program  ---  so we do enter with some level of bias.

Having said that, we fully recognize that being a Nuclear Officer in the Navy is a demanding job that is not for everyone and we will be forthright and transparent in all of our postings.  The program, we believe, sells itself once the blinds are pulled back on the benefits.


A few of the things I intend to include on this site for your perusal are listed below:

- Links to other resources where you can get more data
- Discussion of whether / why you should consider the NUPOC program
- Program Eligibility Requirements
- Obligations while being paid to complete degree
- Average Profile of NUPOC Accessions (akin to a "class profile" put out by a graduate school)
- Basic Application Process and FAQs (ie. Once determined to apply, how to expedite)
- Pay Progression (discussion in addition to links) and comparison to civilian alternatives
- NUPOC Program FAQs
- Discussion of Options after Completion of Commitment (ie: Where will you be 5 years hence)
- Study materials for Nuclear Power School for applicants who have been accepted
- Periodic updates on interview results
- Upcoming interview dates
- (In all likelihood) some random musings which may or may not be directly related to the NUPOC program.

I hope you all will find this helpful and informative.

Best regards,
Nuclear Officer Accessions Manager

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